Welcome and Introduction

Paper No 1

by Kelly Leichert 





My training was in manual drafting and architectural engineering technology. Much of my work life has been preparing drawings in architectural and engineering environments. Also have been a surveyor's assistant and a variety of building related administration. 


Other than my drafting training my art work is self taught other than the odd university visual arts and humanities courses. Reading and music are influential. 


Art has become a vocation. A type of belief system and way to order life. For me it is partially public, somewhat interpersonal but mostly private. At times, I have pursued sales and academic shows but that is not a present effort. A solo professional show was awarded by the Art Gallery of Regina in 2007. Have a few pieces with the Regina Public Library and in private collections. 


The site usually contains the current series of work and some notes on it. I try to post some older work and archive one aspect of the practice for interest. There is a body of several hundred paintings and and similar number of drawings. 


This site is much like the AM radio of my 1970's upbringing. Somewhat formatted but occationaly the DJ slips in a song which moves him when the manager is not around. So you stay up waiting for that. It is low fidelity but sometimes hints at something greater maybe even transformative. 


I enjoy writing as it helps me paint and think. 


If you have inquires about the work, please use the 'Contact' tab. Not looking for comments on the work but interest in seeing/showing it if and when we get back to that. 


Thanks if you stopped by. 



Kelly Leichert 

October 2020


Below is a sample of my work through the years. 



Beached Tree





Deer Trails


In art rental of Regina Public Library

painted in 1998




Paper No 2






Smartweed Takeover