Welcome and Introduction


Welcome to the site. If you have interest in the work please use the 'Contact' portion of the site to contact me. 


New artwork is posted when complete. 


The notes are a short post mortem of a series of work to attempt to understand what was learned.


In general, my work is a form of thought using pictures. It never became a business or career. (at times I attempted this) . It is a vocation of sorts. For me, it replaces religion in my life. Some of the work is a type of worship - an admiration of the world. In other cases, it is a prayer - more of a questioning or longing for something beyond what I know. Going to the studio is like entering to a religous institution for me.


My passion is music not as a musiclan but one who appreciates. Hope the site is like a 1970's AM radio station. Despite the distance, it makes you dream of more. It may be formulaic but the DJ will try to slip his favorrite songs in there from time to time. 


The site has a blog open later Saturday night til Sunday morning. It is my digital notebook of influences and things I like. You may find it of interest if the work appeals to you. 


Things change on the site as I learn. 


Thanks for stopping by. 


Kelly Leichert

June 2020