I am a Saskatchewan based artist who has worked in oils, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor, computer aided drafting, manual drafting and mixed media. 


My work is primarily landscape based or imagined metaphoric scenes mixing landforms, urbanscapes, buildings, interiors, people, animals and objects. 


There are samples of my work on the site. Each photo represents a series of work. 


The current work is in process. It gets reworked and re-posted. 


I struggle with photographing the work well and to show its strengths - often the color/texture variations are subtle. Hopefully, you will get a general idea. Sadly, it is difficult to get work shown and all that is available is digial transmission. This will give a hint about the work but it was made to be seen in person. 


Any work posted out of deep respect and inspiration. They are here to describe a working process. Official sources are used. A collection of the artist's work was purchased before use. The blog is on and off as unsure if it should be private workbook. 


If you wish to show the work or have inquires, please use the 'contact' section. 


No CV on the site. 


Thank you for stopping by. 



Kelly Leichert




Website Cover Image: 


'Stained Glass Tree'

oil on canvas

20 x 30