'Trinity Series' - Notes (2020)


Early in 2020 this project was undertaken. There is no theme, theory or process outlined other than the use of the tryptch form. 


Generally when I finish one project there is a notebook made looking for the next grouping. In this case thought working outside of this notebook form would challenge my pattern. 


The intent is twofold. First, to move away from the subject matter and techniques used in prior series and explore variety and multimedia approaches. Second, is to work in groupings of three to experiment with possibilities of joining and combining. 


These works are not intended as alterpieces or the Christian 'trinity'.Though the tradtion of using three pieces in close relation is a starting point for each work. The larger questions of interelation and transition are explored through the multiple pieces and combining of materials.


My approach with this is to find challenges in themes, materials and techniques. LIkely the work will have an 'unfinished' appearance with the lack of certainty in approach. Themes may or may not emerge. 



Each set has a little writing with it. I am not aiming in this series for beautiful artworks but to understnand my weaknessess by trying what is uncomforatalbe. To see what can be learned of making, of materials and of living through the experimentation. 


A lot of failureas in ths - some will be kept others reworkded. 


Kelly Leichert

February, 2020