'Transitions' - Notes


It is easier to repeat. We like formula.Yet, we are not constanly having inspiration and there are limits to our capacity to create new ideas. There is a trap in the avant garde of only searching for something unfamiliar be it new materials or concepts. So what to do?


After four years on one series of paintings this group is an attempt to move forward by changing formats, materials and themes. For instance, here I try some diptychs and triptychs. There is painting on paper, sculpture. Materials like birdnests, salt and sand are added to tradtional mediums. Different media are used in the same piece. Themes vary rather than focuaing on one central idea. I equate this with cross training in exercise - your artistic muscles are streached due to subtle changes. This is not extreme art but an expansion. 


By transitioning through an art grouping it is hoped that it is transferable somehow to living. We speak often of the big event and the overnight change. Mostly living is a back and forth from home base to something a bit new. In someways change is out of our hands beyond being willing along with some commitment to working at it. 


Through the project I wrote little verses to go with and sometimes in the work. Most were not kept. 


This grouping may lead to new projects or not but it is a routine breaker which allows for growth.