To the Muses


To BM, thank you for seeing what was latent and for your care.


To the Qu'Appelle Valley, it is sad to see your degradation. You gave me a religion. 


To Donald Kuspit, you are a mentor through your writing. 


To Stephen Newton, your books changed my viewpoint on what art is for. Brilliant. Thank you for allowing me to purchase a work below value. It is the only piece in my studio.


To 'Jungleland' for blowing a 19 year old's mind open. 


To he great songwriters, performers, visual artists, poets and writers, know you have saved a soul. 


To Karen, thanks for the mentorship and the show. 


To Wendy at Norcal/Colors, my appreciation for deals on supplies. You allowed me to do more work. Thanks. 


To my studio, you transcend all human interaction through your peace and joy.