' The Descent ' - Notes


Before the pandemic anyway, we travelled. My preference is to know a place over a very long period of time  - it is an intimacy of sorts. 


My childhood weekends were spent in a tributary of the Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan called Boggy Creek. Going to my grandparent's every couple weeks involved travelling through another part of this valley which seemed very exotic at the time. It contrasted my home city and the surrounding farming plains. 


After puberty and early life struggles there was a a type of void exposed - a sort of valley. One of many ways I found to address this emptiness was a rediscovery of this place. It was a form of religion to me as it structured the way I saw the world - it organized it and re-mystified life simutaneously. It is a part of each artwork I make. 


We decend into a valley and there is those few moments of transition we feel in our body. Our eyes and even our ears adjust to the changes. It reminds me of entering a sanctuary of sorts like a cathedral. It awakens our senses and puts us in another orientation. This can be a space to create new visions of life and living. It is both an inner and outer world at once. 


The work both imagines and portrays. It is a longing and praising. 


The painting is flat without texture or gesture but lit up by color and detailed representation of place. It is a multilevel expression of my experience in the valley both what was found in the landforms and discovered within as a response. It is also an attempt to move towards becoming a more skilled painter. We see the struggle as facility as a painter was not developed but was being attempted. 


This is only a sample of work. There are about 25 more pieces.