Disclaimer - The opinions here are my own and do not represent others and organizations I belong to. It does not represent the host. Please use discretion before entering that you are using it only to view the work and read the writing for your private use. If your intent is other than this, please do not enter this site. That being said: 




At times I sought sales and local showings. In 2007, The Art Gallery of Regina awarded me a solo professional show titled, Refugia. Many pieces have been distroyed and painted over especially the early work. Some reside with friends and family as gifts. Others are in private collections and a few as part of the art rental program with the Dunlop Art Gallery / Regina Public Library. 


My education and much of my work experience is in architectural drafting and other work in the design industry. Begining with working with my hands as a draftsperson, visual art became a replacement when computerization took hold. 


The site is a representation of my practice and a medium to present what I am working on. Through time art has become more of a vocation rather than a job or career. Somewhat by circumstance and moreso by choice, it has been, as The Beatles say, a long and winding road. Beyond the individual pieces and there purposefulness is the idea of the whole colleciton over time. 


Popular music is a primary influence along with local art and the traditional work from art history. 


There is a type of loose biography / mission statement I have. Contact me if you want it sent to you.


This site is an interface so it is difficult to get a feel for the work. It is my intent if you stop by the work will hint at something more. That which drew me away those many years ago as some form of commitment to the present and hope for our future


If you have interest in showing the work once we get back to that, please use the 'Contact' tab on this site. The site is non-commercial but if you wish to purchase, let me know through the same tool.


There is a page called Qu'Appelle Reveries which has writing and influences like a type of digital notebook. These items are kept up for a time, then archived. Often on Saturdays, I will write a short essay here. 


The work posted is a sample only and not a complete archive. Will get to materials and sizes on the individual works over time but let me know if you wish to know about a particular piece.There are a few sucessful pieces, some failures, exercises. Many of the pieces I consider illustration rather than artworks as it was more about learning when they were made. May have been better just to place the more mature pieces here but it tells the whole story of the practice. 


Not looking for critique or comments on the work. 


This site tends to change quite a bit. Trying to stabilize it but unlikely. Don't have an analytics tool so not sure if anyone is out there. Mostly it is a method to help me think through what happens with the work. Hope though it brings you to consider a richer life in the means you see fit (for me that is via the arts). 


My thanks if you have stopped by!


Kelly Leichert 

January 2021