Greetings, Introduction and Statement




My name is Kelly Leichert. I am an illustrator, draftsperson and multi-media visual artist from Regina, SK. 


My training and work experience is in architectural engineering technology and construction administration in small consulting firms, a large cooperative and in civic government. 


At the onset of computerization of my drafting employment, I took on drawing and painting to keep a hand craft. This is a driving need still after more than three decades in this practice.


My first major influence was the pipeline easement I grew up beside. It was like a blank canvas to imagine upon and provided an opening from our suburban home to the prairie. Later, popular music opened a door to eclectic learning focusing on the creative arts. Lastly, was the rediscovery of the Qu'Appelle Valley which was our weekend playground in my youth which was a dynamic contrast from our provincial city and the flat agricultural land surrounding it. These components are the foundation of each piece. 


At times, I pursued sales and exhibitions. This included being awarded a professional solo show at the Art Gallery of Regina in 2007 titled, Refugia. Some of my work is also in the art rental collection of the Dunlop Art Gallery. A few related link below:


Past Exhibitions and Publications | artgalleryofregina - Digital Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions

Dunlop Art Gallery

Unstraight lines (


I work regularly and post new work from the last year in groupings under a theme. Will complete filling out sizes, materials etc. 


No archive of older work at this time. 


This is a non-commercial site. 


All references posted are out of deep respect for the work/maker from inspirationg and for educational purposes. If you want them removed contact me and they will taken down immediately with my apologies. 


Please use the 'Contact' tab if you want to get in touch.


My thanks to the multitudes of musicians, artists, writers and thinkers who inspired me and continue to. Also gratitude to my extended family and friends past and present for their supporting my labour. A word to my employers who provided workplaces to support outside interests and have income to live. To close, my deepest respect to Karen Schoonover formally of the Art Gallery of Regina, Jack Anderson also of the AGR and the Leader Post and especially Fr. Bob Mitchell, O.F.M. for giving mentorship in this field and in life as a young adult and artist. 


Thanks, if you stopped in. 



Kelly Leichert

January 29, 2022