Greetings, Introduction and Statement

* If you stopped by earlier I have cleaned up and started over, again...

My name is Kelly Leichert. I am an illustrator, draftsperson and artist from Regina, SK. 


My training and work experience is in architectural engineering technology and construction administration in small consulting firms, a large cooperative and in civic government. 


At the onset of computerization, I took up artmaking to replace the handcraft in my work. I was also inspired deeply by a rediscovery of the Qu'Appelle Valley and Missouri Coteau regions of Saskatchewan in my late Twenties travelling through there again for work and pleasure. A late artistic and intellectual blooming around age 30 ensued first through public broadcasting and popular music leading to more sophisticated autodidactic study. 


For a time, I pursued sales and exhibitions. This included being awarded a professional solo show at the Art Gallery of Regina in 2007 titled, Refugia. Some of my work is also in the art rental collection of the Dunlop Art Gallery. 


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Dunlop Art Gallery

Roses and Buffalo Berries - oil painting - made by Kelly Leichert (


My aim was developing a secondary local practice while working my architectural employment but a type of breakdown and changes in this field led to more of a vocation than a career.


Working regularly in my home studio, on the deck and occasionally plein air slowly helped my overall health and well being. I found that discoveries in the artmaking could be applied to improve my domestic life in small ways like cooking, gardening, household chores and decor. It became more of a way of being than an activity. This is what I came to refer to as the creative home where our domiciles are also places to explore and experiment. 


Later, in a new field of employment the art practice helped me relate better with co-workers and gave me something different to offer to my workplace both socially and in providing alternative ways to problem solve. Hopefully it will be a resource to increased maturation and assist in aging as well. 


My approach is each piece is a being, unique but can be associated in small grouping sort of like a community. 


This all is supported through engaging with music and eclectic reading daily along with regular drawing from life and multi-media usage towards an overarching approach of proper individuation. All I have to offer others is any changes which result from this way of living along with a type of template for ones own personal creative development. 


I live both an intellectual (not academic) life and a natural one together. This too comes from artmaking where we combine images, symbols, metaphors and concepts with materials using hand tools. This is something separate from the social but this pulling away is partially to return to this offering its discoveries. 


I write a great deal to think but will try to publish in small ways from time to time. 


Unstraight lines (


There is no archive of my work but by request I can provide examples over time. Have been working steadily since 1995 so quite a few pieces in my collection. Presently there are digital exhibitions presented on this website which are mostly current work. I add pieces after they are made if they suit these groupings. 


My preference is that the work is seen in person as much is lost or distorted digitally. Also, it is my view digital presentation especially its ease impacts how we make as well as see art. The artworks are more and more click bait like other photos or used for other purposes from cache or background props for our life theatre.


There is a blog titled. 'Qu'Appelle Reveries' which is open on Saturday and Sunday with bits of writing and some influences. 


If you wish to discuss presentation of the work in some form, please use the 'Contact' tab. Open to discussion on uses for it if you have a good idea. 


My thanks to the multitudes of musicans, artists, writers and thinkers who inspired me and continue to. Also gratitude to my extended family and friends past and present for their supporting my labour. A word to my employers who provided workplaces to support outside interests and have income to live. To close, my deepest respect to Karen Schoonover formally of the Art Gallery of Regina, Jack Anderson also of the AGR and the Leader Post and especially Fr. Bob Mitchell, O.F.M. for giving mentorship in this field and in life as a young adult and artist. 


Thanks, if you stopped in. 



Kelly Leichert

November 9, 2022