Greetings and Introduction




Thank you if you stopped by.


Some housekeeping first. This site is for your personal, private viewing. If you have other intensions, please do not enter. The opinions are my own and do not represent the webpage provider nor groups and organizations I belong to. I am not responsible for your use of the site. That being said...


My background is in architectural and engineering drafting along with construction administration. Beyond this there have been many friends, teachers, collegues, writers, artists, musicians who have assisted me both personally and intellectually. My highest gratitude is to Karen Schoonover formally of the Art Gallery of Regina as well as several elders who helped me find my vocation as a younger man. Also, appreciate my extended family and employers present and past who have supported the practice financially through gifts and employment.


Most of the work is founded on my early love of popular music especially Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan who opened my heart and mind to the arts. Joseph Cambell and Robert Bly did the same academically through there public talks on television. These mainstream visionaries were the gateway to further study and exploration. 


My inspiration is the landscape of Southern Saskatchewan especially the Qu'Appelle Valley region for which I have had a life long relationship with. Though not strictly a landscape painter the region first moved me to look at the natural world closely and learn from it. 


Through time I have sought exhibitions and sales which are good but mostly I practice out of love and enjoyment of making objects through having a studio. That the working is a response to my appreciation of the visual world and a deep calling from within for meaning and purpose. Mostly I want to have a creative home and way of life to learn how to live more fully and to discover more about my own deficits and gifts. 


The drawings I made for buildings were turned into realities. In some ways, the aspiration for the art is similar. 


Generally there are a handful of the newer pieces posted. Here and there I put a group of pieces together under a theme with some notes as a type of digital exhibition. 


Presently I have no archive of my work. There are around 400 pieces so if you have interest let me know and I can send a sample from the collection. 


There is a journal where I write a bit but which mostly is filled with influences. Any materials posted are out of respect and inspiration. If you want them removed, please contact me and they will be taken down immediately. 


Use the 'Contact' button if you wish to speak with me related to this site. 



Kelly Leichert

January 6, 2022