Greetings and Introduction




I appreciate if you stopped in especially if you have through time. 


My training and work experience is in architectural and engineering technology along with construction management in small firms, a corporation and in government.


Took up artmaking after the computerization of my drafting work as to keep up a graphic practice.


The Qu'Appelle Valley region is a primary subject and inspiration explored for many years through hiking, driving tours and plein air work. Also fascinated by the landforms of the area south of the Trans-Canada Highway here in Saskatchewan. 


Popular music of all sorts is where i drew my original interest in the arts and this continues. Find it more useful to dwell here than in visual arts as it provides alternative inputs and hopefully helps with originality. Wide eclectic reading and interest in other artforms assists as well. I began in athletics and find many parallels so this is a continuation of this youthful aim as a replacement as my body declines. 


My gratitude to mentors, collectors, employers, co-workers, friends and extended family who have supported this work through the years.


Currently working at archiving a few pieces each day with the goal of presenting all the work here as a record. They are listed by year or groupings of years (example: 2021 or 2012-16)/


If you have inquiries about the work shown, please use the 'Contact' tab on this page.  If you want a CV or statement on the practice this can be provided.


There is an Instagram page with tab link provided and on weekends I open my blog, 'Qu'Appelle Reveries' which is mostly influences, songs/movies etc. I like and a bit of writing. 



Kelly Leichert 

May 2, 2022