Greetings and Introduction




I appreciate if you stopped in especially if you have through time. 


My training and work experience is in architectural and engineering technology along with construction management in small firms, a corporation and in government. Took up artmaking after the computerization of my drafting work as to keep up a graphic practice. Continued to learn and explore from this foundation. 


Music of the popular sort has been my largest influence along with reading in the liberal arts, the visual arts literature, poetry, film, public television/radio of the 80's and 90's and the local environment. Used to attend many shows but this has lessened over the last few years. 


The Qu'Appelle Valley region is a primary subject and inspiration explored for many years through hiking, driving tours and plein air work. Also fascinated by the landforms of the area south of the Trans-Canada Highway here in Saskatchewan. 


At times sought shows and sales but the practice is mostly for private use to learn to problem solve through the making of the work as to find new ways to think and live. 


My gratitude to mentors, collectors, employers, co-workers, friends and extended family who have supported this work through the years.


When something interests me, I like to stop and explore it by making an artwork. 


Now posting old and new work for a series titled, 'Sanctuary'. 


The 'Qu'Appelle Reveries' page is open on Saturday and Sunday morning with inspirations, writing and so on as a digital notebook. 




Kelly Leichert

May 2, 2022