Current Series - Notes


The current series shown on this site are all acrylic on canvas, 24"x30".


There are approximately 190 pieces in various stages of completion. 


All photos are cropped at the edges. 


The work is intended as one work though it is made of individual pieces


The subject matter appears to be youth but really it is not - this is only a point to begin. The images are bits of personal memory transformed into metaphors 'moved forward' to the present or recent observations 'pushed back' to childhood. The techniques vary but primarily combine a childlike painting style with relatively accurate line drawing. 


The images state that the everyday experience of living has deep meaning and purpose when framed as a metaphor.The vocation if taken on is to allow oneself to engage the image first via the artwork and later into ones own self and image life. 


Paintings are made of ordinary acrylic paint and store bought canvas of the same size. This medium was chosen to try to be creative with materials common in my 1970's childhood. The static size is to try to work with limitations rather than avant guard experimentation.


An influence is the radio music of my youth as it was the main form of culture in my young life. Trying to use paint and image like music and lyric to create a concise yet moving work. Imagine an evening listening to AM radio.



These are all great collections and inspiration:

(aim high!)


I hope to post the entire series so it can be seen together in some form. Postings will likely be weekly for quite a time until the series is complete. 


Kelly Leichert

March, 2019