'A Way Home' - Notes (2016-20)


Notes on the Project 


'A Way Home' is a project which began with some notes in January, 2015 and will be complete in mid-winter 2020. The title came from a piece in the series. Thie title work is about searching for a way across a river to get home. This grouping is about moving internally from past to presentness bringing 'memory' forward into meaning through the making of the work


This series consists of approximately 215 paintings. It is intended a one work. What is shown is a working version. The paintings may change slightly and the notes with them were part of the working process. Editing will continue over the next couple months. The final state of the project is intended to be seen as a group in person and will not be posted on the site.  .     


Each piece is 24 x 30 inches in a portrait format. The colors are from the same palette. The materials are ordinary acrylic paints and pre-manufactured streached canvases. This was chosen as to try to be creative within this limitation rather than experimenting with materials and sizes. 


There are two themes: The first is taking fragments of memory and moving them forward into a more universal question / metaphor. The second is to take a recent observation and push it back imagining a child's perspective. The pieces are asking why is a particular moment is transformed into meaning through a memory and how is this recollection really not a snapshot but a continuum. 


Techniques vary but generally it is layers of free, mostly thin paint overwritten by line drawing. This is to attempt to have the childlike and adult creativity work together. It creates a tension as it is neither a regression to childhood nor a crafted picture. Trying to find a place where both can speak together. 


Each piece is not intended as representive of a personal memory nor a concept but a searching for meaning in what has been experienced. This is also attempting to use pieces or fragments as a part of a whole artwork which mirrors how we work towards maturation. You can take the work to find common themes and as an example of a personal search for understanding which any person can take upon themselves. 


Lastly, the large body of work suggests a regular and ongoing search within oneself to process images both in the imagination and physically as a practice.