' A Way Home ' - Notes


Home may be seen as a memory or series of memories. Often memory is confused with an event. To remember is a continuum. We carry much along as well as project onto a happening. Think of how two siblings may speak about the same instance from their childhood in vastly differing ways. 


The memory is closer to a metaphor. Maybe a dream. 


Each painting in this series takes a kernel of personal memory and attempts to distill it down to a universal. The hope is that through making the piece(s) the memory becomes a type of wisdom.


The paintings were made over time, often a year or more. A layer would be painted and it would be set aside. By the time one cycle through the work was done, any new knowledge could be used on all the work in the next go around. 


This project was taken on as ' a way home'. An attempt through artmaking to move from a collection of memories to a body of knowledge from experience. To see if we can leave our past by using it as a building block for a new structure for living. Artmaking was the method I chose to see if this type of transition can occur through a practice.