Watercolor The Hunt (all pieces) by KELLY LEICHERT

The Hunt (all pieces)

ink wash, conte, pencil on watercolor paper
3 pieces each 22 x 30

I am one of few men in my family who does not hunt. Though as in the title of the Bruce Springsteen song, I like to think we can hunt for invisible game. 

Have been on hunts but not killed. The killing is a mystery to me. It seems natural to others but a fear for me. Why? Growing up with this made it seem a part of life and not really a moral issue for me today. 

Here in the three pieces are questions. They likely play out in other aspects of life for me but there is no hunting frame work in my experience to order them. Perhaps that is part of it for my relatives as it may bring them an understanding of the natural order of life. So much of this is political now days but this is not my intent. In a way it is neutral to me and I am inquiring. 

What is it to seek and search and wait for opportunity? What is it to strike and how does one resolve this action? What is the consequence of the taking - a resolution of basic need? A desire accepted? A transcendental undertaking through an ancient ritual?

I have no experience directly so working it through in the pieces.