Acrylic painting Oasis by KELLY LEICHERT


acrylic and charcoal on canvas
30 x 40

In the land of cactus and twisters
a long, long journey, feet blistered
They said that I would not miss her
All the while the rattlesnake slithers

Witching for water lookin' for wells
All that desire burns and swells
and that secret that I'd never tell
an oath made that somehow fell

South wind fires a sandstorm barrage
locus make their cavalry charge
all those desert legions merge
our days transform into a mirage 

the burned faces 
and dream chasers
thin and wasted 
in search of oasis

your words carved in found alabaster 
a slave freed turns to a master
the sands of time moving faster 
black sky above foreshadows disaster

you can wonder the world boy 
looking for wonder and joy
being bold and then being coy
but there is a truth you can't avoid


Verse by Kelly Leichert
May 22, 2020