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Many fine folks have been in communion with me bringing forth this vocation. A few of note:  the instructors and classmates of the Architectural-Engineering Technology class of 1986 of STI - Moose Jaw Campus (now Sask Polytechic), Residents of the former St. Michaels Retreat House, Skyler from Pittsburg, Troy W, Scotty B., the former Saskart crew at the Regina Exhibition, the staff at the defunct joe moran Gallery, my first real client who bought 'Roses and Buffalo Berries' and provided a letter of encouragement, T.H., C.M., Rob Bos, Jack Anderson, Scott Nicholson, Eric at Artist Run Website, Margaret Bassai, Wendy Peart and various staff at the Dunlop and the members of the Prairie Artists Guild. A few contemporary artists I know only from a distance through their books and writing: Enrique Martinez Celaya, Stephen Newton and Darryl Joel Berger. My employers, co-workers and extended family have been of great support for moral and financially as well and much thanks to them. Finally, extra special gratitude to Karen Schoonover formerly of the Art Gallery of Regina and to Father Bob Mitchell (OFM) for their willingness to extend themselves for me and their long standing mentorship.



'I'll Remember You' by Bob Dylan

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