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Peter Gabriel was part of Genesis at one point. I did not know of the band at the time but was later when it became a radio / MTV staple later. 


Around 1985 or so Peter Gabriel became known to me through that amazing claymation video for 'Sledgehammer'. I do recall hearing 'Shock the Money' and 'Games Without Frontiers' here and there but not taking much interest. 




Life became bit too much for me when I finished my schooling and went into the work force. Perhaps the gaps began to open or was too responsible as a child but this change which many seek caused withdrawl. Mostly, with some negative exceptions, it was into popular music though a particular kind. Later I realized it was almost a literary and academic longing not for knowledge but meaning. That learning needed an aesthetic and poetic quality with whatever intellectual point was made. 


Prior to this the only aspect of life that had moved me in such a way was sport. It was not the winning and losing so much, the acclaim or the attension from females or male bonding. What attracted me was the feel and look of it. All of us even the best have an end to our athletic pursuits. Mine was mostly at 19 but really around 40. Through this transition and since then there has been a type of journey or path somewhat chosen but not really planned. 


Back to Mr. Gabriel. He was at the forefront of the avant-garde when young. When he left his band for a solo career he seemed take a different path than its other stalwart Phil Collins. The solo work and late Genesis songs are great too (listen below) but seem to be, for lack of a better term, practical. They serve the industry and the general need. Nothing really wrong with this. 



I remember listening over a lunch hour the full, 'So' Gabriel record. It was both creative and original but not really young. Somehow it could teach you to mature and become original. This is what I was seeking. At the time in architecture but it too was mostly to serve the public and corporate need. There was a lot of ordinary repairing which is needed. Difficult to articulate but my desire is for a life of maturation through a unique pursuit. Felt this with Gabriel through the next decade. 


He tended to associate himself with others like Anne Sexton, Martin Scorsese, Bruce Springsteen, Youssou N'Dour  who seem to find that same space of being creative while accessible to many. 


He can get a bit, not political, but toward specific issues and causes. This is important but not sure art really addresses this as well as the inner life. 


Though I am just an isolated artist towards my life purpose I take this all as serious likely as Gabriel. So he is a type of unknown older brother. My thanks for his work and its impact on my life as well as influencing the artwork. 


Today we find many like in modern Nashville on one pole of consumerism and the unseen geniuses of experimental music. What there is not much of are Peter Gabriel's who advance the field all the while working to maturation as artists and likely within as well.