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 March 18, 2020


The Calling


Above are three drawings made over the last two evenings. They are fairly quick and simple made as a bit of a reaction. Just a little above a cartoon. 


On the paintings what occured to me to write is:

They are indifferent to our plight 

as it is time for their northern flight


Last Sunday as many of us were, I was considering the week ahead in light of the pandemic. In the sky, land and melt water near my home appeared perhaps a hundred geese. The ones on the ground looked to be lounging and resting from their journey. One in particular struck me as being relaxed in posture. 


For a moment there was another world. It is there all the time but how easy for me to not see it. To look for it is sort of my job. 


This small piece was a struggle and is unresolved. It is not beautiful. Perhaps in places it is delicate. Sometimes the paint application the work is gentle but I feel a compulsion to write upon it with harsh lines. For some reason this was more of a doodle either with a brush or a pencil. I gave the paint a leach to flow a bit. 


I am saying this more to try to understand rather than explain impulses. If anything (beyond the fear) is a slow re-awakening of the world as is and not as we wish. Bird consciousness is of course not really known but I imagine they live in a state much like we are this week - present to reality. And reality has a richness and depth beyond our human creations. 



March 18, 2020


For some reason it occured to me today that there is no art. By this I mean all the great masterpieces are hidden. What are they thinking? Are they lonely? Are they relieved at being freed from the new corporate artworld? How do they look without us staring at them? Will they be appreciated in a different way when we return or will we use them as money makers like we have for many decades? Are they hoping we will not take color photos of them anymore like it used to be (there was a time of no photos or only black and white images allowed)? Are they narcisistic and long for us to fawn again? 


In seriousness, will the recent events call us back to art for its intended purpose or are we just waiting for this to go away so we can carry on? Will we learn through this absence or will the industry just ramp up again?



March 18, 2020


It is interesting we are dealing with something we cannot see in our present crisis. This can reawaken in us the world of the unseen that used to drive our beliefs and shape our cultures. Of course, art is one way to work with this felt world. 


When I was making this piece it went back and forth in my mind if the wolves were real or not. And this is the question we humans live with eternally. We have lived in a time where we try to escape it but as we see again, we cannot. Our night dreams, intuitions, hauntings, epiphonies and so on live but we have been distracted. They want to speak with us so we may live fully with an ever richer understanding and awe. 



Most see these things as old fashioned, hokey, primitive. This as they have been abused, commodified and misunderstood. They are often spoken of as unreal. 


Artmaking is where you materialize that which is unseen through the seen. This allows us to bridge the two seemingly different worlds which are in actually one. 


In times of strife, traditionally, the mysterious world was sought for deeper insight into problems. Perhaps it is time again.