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This work fascinates me for several reasons. 


Often when I wake up in the morning this song or 'Wichita Linemen' are playing in my mind. Listen to them regularly but also many other songs. These seem to have moved in. 


We had an 8 track of this in our car as children. My memory is my dad would sing to it. What in this song would move him to do so when he really was someone who did not involve himself with music? 


A lot of my recent paintings are about what remains of childhood and how it is somehow alive. Perhaps, there is some connection to this in the song. 


Jimmy Webb wrote the song which appearently did not have a life till Campbell recorded it. What did Campbell do? Was if reputation? His interpretation?



Somehow he took it and made it his own and moreover, made it universal.


What strikes me is the guitar particularly if you hear a concert version. Mr. Campbell sings and plays so well but for me it is the shifting of bright to dark playing - it seems to match the ambivalence in the lyric. 


Stuggle with this in painting. How do the painting and imagery interact? It is sort of a mystery. Personally, I equate image with lyric and music with paint. Often wonder if I learned to play an instrument that painting would be more meaningful. 


And that simple line, " I am so afraid of dying". He does not do it as a ballad or 'sad' song. It is so lively - is that the only way to live in the face of the truth of this line?


Of course, we cannot figure it all out. That is what makes it great. Where does the magic come from?