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Wanted to lay 
in pastures mild
sweet afternoons
nothing wild 

arms thicken 
shoulders widen
desire's thunderstorm
in a corner hiding

the ancient world
is still alive 
it decides who parishes
and who remains alive

that bull and me 
between the fences
nothing but a cape
as my defence

boy becomes a man 
the world's blood lust 
I was given no plan
his hooves raising dust

she's watching 
one eye open 
the other one 
is not hoping 

forgotten all of 
my mama's prayers
here facing all my
daddy's despair

at the mercy of
the call of nature
these young reflexes
all that holds a future

an unknown force 
so large
one that only knows  
to charge

dodging him
till I dance
hoping someday
it will give me a chance

in this ring
another bullfight 
no wrong or right
only graceful flights


Published June 16, 2019

written by Kelly Leichert

painting by Kelly Leichert