Swan (The Oxbow)

acrylic on canvas


and a quick verse to go with it...

Oh, the shiny beautiful things
the trumpeter swans, golden rings
now seem so empty and hollow
to my alter ego, the snowy owl

Oh, the great wide eternal river
flowing sound and diamond quiver
one day dry later to overflow
somehow with the depth to know

The twist and turn of an oxbow
held within our inner soul
there to temper the highs and lows
as we all slowly row to the sea





ink wash and acrylic on canvas

20 x 20 


Pods (The Opening)


How long will it hold 

the untold beauty unseen

in between birth and death

yet bereft of meaning 


this barrier of skin

within an ancient code

eroded by solitude

sanctuary as cell


the deep well of truth 

youth not yet rooted

disputing wisdom 

ransomed by strength


the length of that season

our reason now failing us

we must be released

as fleece to the breeze


the pod hears this plea

my seeds floating freely

may the sod receive me 

so I may finally be 


painting and verse 

by Kelly Leichert

published on November 5, 2021



Relic (The Wise One)


The wise one could not

resist water and winds

those hollowing forces 

neither blessing nor sin


I was born near where 

the river meets the sea

but rooted to the beach

an odd mariner tree


Time brought no ship

and took all my leaves

gulls perch upon me

as though they believe


The sailors call me relic

now bent and deformed 

though never being angelic

yet somehow transformed


verse and painting 

by Kelly Leichert

November 4, 2021